Improving sexual, mental and physical health

During my younger years I never dated just one man. I called myself a MANizer. I was liberated and promiscuous. I tried and experimented all types of men. Did all sorts of relationship too, from one night stand, or finding a guy for booty call, I even had relationships with married men, had serious relationships, had relationship with 3 men at the same time. And tried to transform a bisexual man to become a straight guy but i just couldn’t have sex with him for weird reasons. Its just my ego to make him become a man. And of course it didn’t work. You can never change a man. Remember that!

But when I got married everything changed.
Sex is mental and physical but when you’re married is has to come with love, you have to be in love. Because it is hard to also start enjoying and really understand the depth of sex without feelings and love. Specially if you know you will be spending the rest of your life with one man.


Speaking point #1
Sex is meant to be pleasurable. Check in with yourself and feel or see what will give you pleasure and what will satisfy you. Though I am against in giving in right away, specially on the first date. This is why you have second and third dates. Since I have done it all my advice is to really get to know the guy first before having sex with him. And really check out if you like the guy. You want your sex to be special right?. On the other hand if you are up for a one night stand and you just want to satisfy yourself because he is that hottie guy every single girl wants to have sex with or you are just feeling being lusty then do it. It’s really all up to you. You are old enough to do what you want for yourself but make sure not to expect a call from that guy the day after or the next day after. So you won’t get hurt if he doesn’t call or text back.

Speaking point #2
Again sex is a huge deal in a relationship. Please don’t say it is not because it is. If you are in a very serious relationship and thinking of getting married try not to over use sex. Instead talk openly about how you can satisfy each other. Play with your sexual desires. Make sure to ask yourself first before you make a commitment to him, Does he give me pleasure? Does he turn me on at all times? Does he always make me cum? Do I love waking up in the morning his face in front of me? Do I really love this guy and will stay with him through thick and thin? Will it be worth it for me to marry him.

Speaking points #3
And if you are married. Do not let yourself go, physically, sexually and mentally. Physically, Do not stop loving yourself. Feel the love, stay in love with yourself, your husband and your marriage. Look beautiful, stay healthy, sexy and sensual. Because it will make you feel good about yourself. Do not stop being sensual, Think of things that can spice up your marriage. Such us role playing, use toys, play some sexy music, dress up sexy and make sure you smell good. You want your spouse to get turned on not turned off.

Why is sex mental. Unless you have a good mental connection with your partner the relationship would probably not last. Relationship is not only based on sex. Sex can get boring specially if you have been married for years or have been with someone for a while. Experiment, role play, be creative..

Who you’re with determines how you live so before making any commitment make sure you are committing to a life that you want.
In sex, we just don’t want to please the man and satisfy them. Orgasm is something that both women and men need equally, So make sure you get the same satisfaction you give your partner.

Why is sex Physical?

Physical doesn’t only mean the physical sex. It’s the whole totality of your being. Love takes a lot of points to sex. Making love is sexier than just having a normal sex. You want to be in love, in lust and be in the zone to be able to have a good satisfying sex. Of course this is impossible if you have 3 kids that you have to attend to. Well that cannot be an excuse for you to always neglect your partner. If you turn him/her down often this can lead to resentment and your partner may look for what he needs somewhere else. So make time and look beautiful, look sexy. Ones again don’t let go of yourself. Be a polished woman.

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