Tips for getting over your EX

Why might it be difficult to get over your ex?

There are two things why it would be difficult for someone to get over his/her ex.. It’s either because he or she was the one who broke up with you. That is very hurtful! Because you may be still in love with him/her and then all of a sudden out of nowhere he/she ended the relationship, or it can be that your ego got hurt.
Or there is unfinished business from when you guys broke up. Like there was no closure. You just both fell apart and just stopped seeing each other, or you had a huge fight and just stopped talking. In your heart you feel like you need to meet him/her to end what you felt has not been settled right.

How do men deal with break ups differently than women do?

Actually men can handle break up just like a normal man. They don’t really sob and cry like a baby. Nor would have his fifteen mins pity party. Men are mainly egoistic. They get hurt of course specially if the woman ended the relationship. But they can take it easier. They just go out and have drinks with his guy friends, get drunk and go to sleep. He would probably text the woman and check her out, Or even have that last moment sex with the ex. But most men move on faster than women Unlike women it takes a while for us to move on and move forward with someone else. Unless she is like me who was a woman player. Most women want drama they want to go to friends to cry and talk, ask “why he did this? Women often would also stalk the guy who he’s dating or ask friends for his whereabouts.

How does break up impact other parts of your life?

Break up can definitely impact your life specially if your ex ended the relationship. Because it simply hurts. For some couples who have been together for while, It is just hard like going back to the whole dating scene again. You have to start all over again to finding the right man, getting to know him etc.
Some can go through depression too. Most of the time after break up you let yourself go, some gain weight, some stopped taking care of themselves. But for some women who has strong group of friends and relatives that supports them they easily move on they do the opposite. They look better after break up.

At one point is a man considered depressed?

For me I consider a man depressed if he gets some sort of addiction to something. It is hard for men to accept that they are depressed. They don’t like talking about what they feel. So they normally just pour it out on some addiction. It can be addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or even sex.

How can he talk to his friends about his break up? explain
He can talk to his friends about his break up over drinks at a bar, some while playing video games, some through golf or other sports game. Men don’t do drama, they don’t do pity parties.

What are some signs you are not over your ex-girlfriend Explain 3 to 5 sentences

  • If you still keep talking about him/her
  • If you still keep on stalking him/her on his/her social media
  • If you still call, text, email him/ her ones in a while
  • If you stalk him/her where he/she is, like his/her whereabouts
  • If you still keep things that belongs to him/her or some photos of his/her, his/her love letter
  • If you still talk and communicate with his/her family
  • If you still wonder if he/she will ever contact you

Here are tips you can use to get over his ex-girlfriend

  • The most important thing you have to do first is to delete all his/her account on your social media, This is if you really want to get over him/her fast.
  • Get rid of all the memories that you have about him/her. You can keep some for remembrance maybe one?
  • If you think there was no closure when you both ended the relationship, Then do that so you stop using that excuse to talk about it and so you don’t have any excuse to ever contact him/her
  • Try not to go to the places where you know where she/he goes or any place where you guys used to go even if its your favorite pace.
  • Go out, have fun with your friends and enjoy being single.
  • Lastly give yourself some lovin’. When you are with someone you tend to give 75% of yourself to your partner. Give 100% to yourself this time.

By: Jessica R Bunevacz

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